Welcome to the Flying Pink Pig BBQ

Welcome to the Flying Pink Pig BBQ Food Truck and Catering Services!

The Flying Pink Pig has expanded over the last seven years into a Full-Service Food Truck and Custom Catering business. Located in Seymour, IN the business proudly offers Mid-West values and impeccable service to all surrounding areas. Whether using the Food Truck for Weekday Lunches, Friday Night Specials, and Food Truck Parties, or using the Gourmet Catering services for Work Lunches, Parties, and Wedding celebrations, the food will always be first class, and service will always be with a smile.

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The Flying Pink Pig BBQ's high quality specialty meats and pork are slow smoked for a minimum of 10 hours, and when combined with our custom dry rub produce an amazing taste experience that is hard to beat.

The generation-old, home-made custom BBQ Sauce is always served on the side. The Flying Pink Pig's regulars will attest to the quality, and the lines at the Food Truck confirms the appeal!

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